Simultaneous Exhibition Lasts for 14 days in Three Places with the Most Exhibition Works Over the Years

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Changjiang Daily News (Reporter: Han Wei, Correspondent: Fang Zequn, Xu Haiqing) On 8th, the 3rd Wuhan Design Biennale opened in “Star of Optical Valley, CSCEC”, East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Central-South Architectural Design Institute and Tan Hualin Campus, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts simultaneously.
This Biennale will display 450 design works, which are divided into six sections with the size, types and cities participating over the previous biennales and 19 brilliant forums. The reporter saw that in the exhibition hall of “Star of Optical Valley, CSCEC”, designers clearly show the design principals and concepts of many cross-river and cross-sea bridges, dams and other buildings to citizens by means of restoring design drawings or scaled-down modes and micro films. The exhibition area of “Prosperity•New Prominent” module displays design works from undergraduates of the school of architecture of universities. Such works with the concept of “sustainable development” and the theme of “urban renewal in the digital era” present interesting thoughts on design. The elderly, children and migrant workers become the objects served to and card about by these design works. Design is relied on to improve communities, construction sites and public spaces of the city boundaries and to resolve problems existing in rapid urbanization.
The 3rd Wuhan Design Biennale is to build Wuhan the “Five-City of Culture”, the World Design Capital and a grand gathering of exchanging creative ideas. This Biennale is hosted by the People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality, organized by the Publicity Department, Wuhan Committee of the Communist Party of China, Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Committee, Management Committee of East Lake High-Tech Development Zone and so on, and continued to 21st.
Provincial and municipal leaders including Zhang Baiqing, Hu Lishan, Li Shuyong, Hu Hongchun and Wangli as well as Zhang Wentong, director of the Management Committee of East Lake High-Tech Development Zone attended the opening ceremony.