French Experts Detailed the Blueprint for China-France Ecological New Town

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On the afternoon of 8th, French expert Anthony detailed the overall planning of Wuhan Eco-model Town just completed between China and France on the “Ecological New Town Construction Forum” jointly held by Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Committee and Central-South Architectural Design Institute. The Eco-model Town is located in Caidian District and a cooperation project between the two countries. Next March, this overall planning will be reported to the State Council for approval.
Deliberately located outside the three major development areas
Sino-French Ecological Town is located between the area just outside the gate of Caidian District and the main urban area, east to the boundary of Caidian District, south to Houguan Lake, west to Xinnong Zone of Caidian District and north to Hanjiang with the core planned area of 320,000 square kilometers.
Anthony said that the site is specially selected outside Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wuhan Airport Economic and Technological Development Zone and East Lake High-Tech Development Zone. Since 80% of Wuhan fortune is created by the three economic development zones, the industry orientation of the Eco-model Town is to provide supplementary services with French characteristics in innovative industry, living art and silver industry. The proportion of Wuhan’s service industry in the national economy is 48%, far below that that of first-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, so there is a great room for improvement.
350,000 people will live in the Eco-model Town
Anthony said, the construction of the Eco-model Town will begin from the core area, with radial type development. The core area of 320,000 square kilometers is planned to include 190,000 people for living. The population will reach 350,000 while the area increases to 1.2 million square kilometers. According to the estimation based on 60% Chinese people as employed population, 114,000 to 210,000 jobs need to be created in the Eco-model Town.
Within the Model Town, there are advanced transportation systems. This future town will maximize public transportation system, and cars account for 10% of the entire transportation system. Residents can arrive the public transportation system 300 m outside the home. A high speed rail station will be built in the town, and the public transportation system will dock with the high speed rail station.
Living quarters will be arranged in the Eco-model Town by small blocks. Each block is of about 200 m × 200 m, like an island, with buildings inside, surrounded by streets. 20% of the Model Town will be arranged as the affordable housing.
No more than 6 km from farm to table
Ecological agriculture will be a great highlight of the Eco-model Town.
When building the Model Town, no existing farmland will be occupied, and the inner town will develop agriculture and produce fruit and vegetables, so that agricultural products of the town will become self-sufficient.
According to the plan, 2,768 hectares of land in the town will be used to develop ecological agriculture. Meanwhile, 10% roof will be built with urban farms or vertical farms for producing fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables grown inside the town are delivered no more than 6 km from farm to table.
Reporter: Ming Tiaosheng, Wang Kaining, Trainee: Zhang Si, Correspondent: Xu Lanchao