The 3rd Wuhan Design Biennale is hosted by the People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality

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The 3rd Wuhan Design Biennale is hosted by the People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality, organized by Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Committee and Wuhan Engineering Design Industry Alliance of China, etc., and supported by the China Exploration and Design Association and intends to develop into a larger scale and higher-level exhibition in national and even international engineering exploration and design industry

The theme  of this Biennale: Great Lore,Great City.  The exhibition venue are  planned at Star of Optical Valley, CSCEC, East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Tan Hualin Campus, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts and Central-South Architectural Design Institute from December 8 to December 21  of this year.

The Biennale consists of design exhibition, forum and integrative activities. Among which, the “design exhibition” includes six subjects such as “History•Inheritance”, “Strength•Contemporary”, “Leader•Future”, “Vigor•Folk”, “Remote•Symphony” and “Prosperity•New Prominent”. There will be approximately 450 works including Wuhan outstanding historical buildings, Jingchu buildings, and works from artists,   exploration and design institutes , folk, undergraduates, foreign countries and those winning awards in the selecting activity of “Award of National Excellent Engineering Exploration and Design Industry in 2015” organized by China Exploration & Design Association; the “forum” will be divided into three parts of national-level important forum, great master forum and theme day of design institute with subjects such as Jingchu buildings, BIM technology, large-span spatial structures technology and green buildings; the “integrative activities” include press conference, opening and closing ceremonies, and Biennale series selecting activities.

To increase the interactivity of biennale activities and improve the quality of such activities, this Biennale will specially organize the “3rd Wuhan Design Biennale” series selecting activities, including the collection activities of “Ten Folk Micro Ambassadors of Biennale”, “Five Excellent Urban Landmark” and “Top Ten Most Influential Design Engineering”, so that citizens can select their most favorite buildings.

This Biennale will be carried out in the form of combining the integrated publicity with the series depth publicity. The integrated publicity is that under the unified deployment and arrangement of the Publicity Department, Wuhan Committee of the Communist Party of China, the media report all the preparations, promotion, press conferences, opening and closing ceremonies and on-site situations of biennale activities on the website of the 3rd Wuhan Design Biennale; the series depth publicity is that through deep cooperation with professional media organizations and well planning of China Construction News, Wuhan TV and Radio Station,, Changjiang Daily, Wuhan Evening News and Wuhan Morning News, Biennale special column, special subject and exclusive interview will be created and carried out to highlight and magnify the key points, explore deep meanings and maximize the influence of this Biennale.

In general, there are many innovation points in this Biennale: “multisite exhibition”, “multimedia publicity”, “multi-participation” and “multicity interaction”. The combination of professional and easy to citizens to understand, artistic ornamental and science heuristic will create a grand occasion of participation by all people. Organizing the exhibition in multiple sites of Wuhan simultaneously will improve the influence of the Biennale in terms of territory, setting up the publicity mode of combining the traditional media and new media will enlarge the publicity of the Biennale; building the communication platform for exploration and design organizations and investment enterprises will enhance the practical effectiveness of the Biennale; and inviting excellent works from other places to take part in the exhibition will realize the interaction among different cities in China.