Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. Scientific Research and Design Center

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Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. Scientific Research and Design Center
Distribution plan of 4F exhibition hall

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Distribution plan of 6F exhibition hall

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Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. Scientific Research and Design Center
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No. Name No. Name
1 Production Workshop of Beijing Aimer Underwear 35 Jianamane Tourist Service Center
2 Administrative Center of Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu 36 Planning and Construction Design Project of River-crossing Campaign
3 IT Talent Training Base of Shenyang Neusoft-Practical Training R&D Building 37 Yushu Gesar Square
4 Internet of Things Project Center of Super-high-frequency RFID Electronic Label Industrialization Application Project 38 New Library in Guangzhou
39 Tianjin Cultural Center-Library
5 Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. R&D Building 40 Wujiang Shengze Cultural and Artistic Center
6 Shenzhen Stock Exchange Operation Center 41 Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport T3 Terminal Building
7 China Development Bank 42 Guiyang Longdongbu International Airport Expansion Project T2 Terminal Building
8 Bank of China Tower Project 43 Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Phase II Project T3 Terminal Building
9 Phoenix Center 44 Hangzhou East Station
10 Design Building of Inner Mongolia Gongda Architectural Design Co., Ltd. 45 Shenyang Taoxian International Airport Terminal Area Expansion Project T3 Terminal Building
11 Chilin Science & Technology Eco Innovation Park No.2010G61 Plot-Public Service Platform for Scientific Innovation 46 Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport T2 Terminal Building
47 Shenzhen Airport New Terminal Area Ground Transport Center
12 Shangyu Architectural Industry Building (Baiguan Square) 48 Hanyi Railway Jingzhou Station
13 Xi’an Qujiang Cultural Creative Mansion 49 Dongguan Basketball Center
14 Pearl River Tower 50 Guangxi Sports Center Phase II Project
15 Wuhan Poly Cultural Square 51 Dalian Gym
16 Singapore Hangzhou Science & Technology Park-Software Plant Phase 1B 52 Main Gym of Shenzhen Universiade Center
17 Guangzhou Meteorological Monitoring and Warning Center 53 Fitness Center in the South of Tianjin Eco-City
18 Comprehensive Design Building of Chongqing Design Institute 54 Bicycle Field of Tianjin Health Industry Park Sports Base Phase I
19 Bank of Guangzhou Mansion (Zhujiang New Town No.B2-7 Plot) 55 Deyang Olympics Reserved Talent School
20 Newly Established Office of Central Southern China Electric Power Design Institute 56 Tianjin Tuanbo New Town International Tennis Center Phase I Project
21 Wuyi Power Scheduling Center 57 Jinhua Sports Center
22 Office of State Intellectual Property Office Suzhou Center in Suzhou Science & Technology Town
58 Supporting Project of Tianjin Haihe Education Park (Beiyang Park) Phase I (Stadium, Swimming Pool, Gym and Public Practical Training Center)
23 Square of Business Attraction Bureau
24 Dalian Hi-Think (International) Software Park Yingtaogou B Plot Project 59 Peking Union Medical College Emergency Building and Surgical Department Building Project
25 Khorgos Suzhou Industrial Park Center Comprehensive Office Building 60 Nanjing Gulou Hospital Xianlin International Hospital Basic Medical Treatment Zone
26 Eight projects such as Wangjing Sohu Center No.1, 2 and 3 Tower 61 University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital (former name: Shenzhen Binhai Hospital)
27 Suzhou Science & Technology City No.18 R&D Building 62 Comprehensive Medical Treatment Building of Chengdu No.2 People’s Hospital
28 Yingkai Square 63 Hengqin New Home Residence Project Phase 1
29 Construction Project of New Library of Hubei Province 64 Binshui Leisure Area of Yushu County, Qinghai Province
30 Library of Bao’an Central District, Shenzhen City 65 Jiangong Zijing Town
31 Bangkok China Cultural Center 66 Jingshan Garden Phase 9
32 Fanzeng Art Gallery 67 Tianjin Taiyuehaoting (Liuzhuang Phase 4)
33 Relocation and Reconstruction Project of Workers’ Cultural Palace of Kunming Center 68 Lake Landscape Garden Phase 2, Taojin Mountain, Shenzhen
34 Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong in Shaoshan 69 Southern Area of Wanke City Garden in Wuhan

70 Block 6-05, No.4 Plot, Economically Affordable Housing Project in the North of Shangfang, Nanjing (Fully Prefabricated Assembly Green Indemnificatory Housing) 110 5# Hotel (Sheraton) and 6# Hotel (Westin) of Southern Area of Changbai Mountain International Tourist Holiday resort
111 CITIC Taifu Zhujiajiao Jinjiang Hotel
71 Apartments for Scientific Researchers of Guangzhou Science City 112 Han Street (J3J4 Plot) of Central Cultural Zone, Wuhan
72 Wild Elephant Rainforest Lanna Village and Mannong Village, Dadugang, Xishuangbanna 113 Update of Recent Industry Street of Sulunchang
73 Yanxi Huafu Zone C Residence 114 Suzhou Industrial Park Yuanchuang Neighboring Center
74 Yanhanshanju 115 Taizhou Folk Culture Exhibition Center
75 Commerce and Apartment of Yingdexian Lake Hot Spring Tourist Resort Phase 1 116 Shandong Art Gallery
76 Changxing Xiujiangnan Phase 1 117 Koktokay National Geopark Museum and Tourist Service Center
77 Tianjin Overseas Chinese Town Qinshuiyuan 118 Guo Moruo Former Residence Museum and Cultural Garden
78 Optics Valley New World Center Plot B Residential Area 119 Liaoning Provincial Museam
79 Shunze Fuwan 120 Jixi Museum
80 Tianjin Overseas Chinese Town Plot C Phase 1Southern Area 121 Taishan Convention and Exhibition Center
81 Fangyuan Conghua Mingyueshanxi Phase 1 Zone 1, 2, 3 122 Weifang Lutai Economic and Trading Center- Convention and Exhibition Center
82 Hainan Chengmai Fuli Hongshuwan Zone C03 Wooden House 123 Houtai Park Exhibition Center
83 Protection Project of No.1 Building of Shanghai Science Hall 124 Liaoning Paleontology Museum
84 Reconstruction Project of Shanghai Shendu Mansion 125 No. II Address of Ningheliang Relics
85 Newly Established Project of Suzhou High School 126 Siqin Tana Art Museum
86 Deyang Special Education School 127 2014 Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition Fancy Science & Museum Museum
87 Beijing Jingshan School Daxing Experimental School 128 Ninghai Convention and Exhibition Center
88 Students Service Building of Daxing New Campus of Beijing University of Architecture 129 Huatai Securities Square
89 Art Building of Central South University 130 Chengdu Raffles Square
90 Library of Chang’an Campus of Northwestern Polytechnical University 131 Middle Architecture Zone AF
91 Humanities & Social Sciences Library of Tsinghua University 132 Qiaofu Fangcaodi
92 Beijing Low-carbon Energy Research Institute and Shenhua Technology Innovation Base 133 Yinhe SOHO
93 No.1 Building of Comprehensive Scientific Research Building Phase I of Tsinghua University 134 Qingdao International Trade Center
94 Tibet Power Linzhi Training Center 135 New Science & Technology Museum of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia Recreation Center
95 Ninghai Technical School 136 Wuhan Home of Citizens
96 Tianjin Binhai Xinjiayuan Phase I Project (No.7 Plot Kindergarten) 137 Shenxianshu Community Service Center
97 Electrical and Mechanical and Automotive Engineering College of New Campus of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Electrical Appliance and Information Technology College 138 Sanya Yalongwan Administrative Center
139 Beijing Hotel Renovation and Expansion Project Phase 2
98 Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Science Park of Nanjing University 140 Xi’an Lintong National Tourist Resort Zhiyang Square
99 Library Renovation and Expansion Project of Beijing Foreign Studies University 141 Greenland Financial Center
100 Chengde Kala City Palace Hotel 142 Taiguhui
101 Luxury Choice Hotel of No.12 Hengshan Road, Shanghai 143 Wuzhen Great Theater
102 Expansion and Renovation of Supporting Room for Nanjing Great Hall of the People 144 Dalian International Convention Center
103 Guestroom Building and Auxiliary Facility Project of Beijing Guquan Convention Center 145 Beijing Yanqi Lake International Huidu (Core Island) Convention Center
104 No.4 Plot of Coastal Eco Leisure Sports Residential Area, Chenjia Town, Chongming- Grand Hyatt Hotel 146 Diaoyutai State Guesthouse International Convention Center (Fanghuayuan)
105 Dushu Lake Convention Hotel 147 Shanghai International Shipping Service Center Western Plot (14# Building)
106 Yunnan Haigeng Convention Center Business Hotel (Kunming InterContinental Hotel) 148 Wolong Natural Reserves Dujiangyan Panda Rescue and Disease Prevention and Control Center
107 Sea World Hotel 149 Optics Valley New World Center Plot B Residential Area
108 Poly Yintan (Five-star Resort Hotel in Zone N) 150 No.1 Plot of Qibu District, Changyang Town, Beijing
109 White Russia Minsk Beijing Hotel