CSCEC • the Star of Optics Valley

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CSCEC • the Star of Optics Valley
Distribution Plan of 1F Exhibition Hall

1. Strength• Contemporary: Exhibition area of (investigation and design works)
2. Forum area
Stairs Elevator Entrance

CSCEC • the Star of Optics Valley 1F Strength • Contemporary
No. Name of Work
1 Wuhan Iron and Steel No.3 Cold-rolled Sheet Plant
2 Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. No.2 Cold-rolling Plant
3 LY Steel Refining and Continuous Casting High-efficiency Renovation Project
4 Wujiang Pengshui Hydropower Station-New Structure of Tailrace Tunnel with Sloping Ceiling
5 Malaysia Muruo Hydropower Station
6 Changjiang Puling Baiheliang Inscription Protection Project
7 Wuhan Rail Transit No.4 Line
8 Wuhan Inter-city Railway in Urban Circle
9 Renovation and Expansion Project of Vietnam Hebei Nitrogenous Fertilizer Chemicals Co., Ltd
10 Indonesia Jinshi Phosphatic Fertilizer Project
11 Renovation and Expansion Project of Sanjintan Sewage Plant
12 Foshan Nanhai Xinguicheng Water Plant Project
13 Kuashitang Hengjiang Bridge Project of Hangzhou Bay Avenue, Hangzhou Bay New Area, Ningbo
14 Taizhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge
15 Shanghai -Nantong Railway Yangtze River Bridge
16 Green and Low-carbon Demonstration Project of Complementary Ventilation Technology of Dabie Mountain Double-arc Tunnel
17 Tunkou Yangtze River Highway Bridge of the 4th Ring Line of Wuhan City
18 Shuiyangwan Service Zone of Housing Building Project from Zunyi to Bijie of Hangzhou-Ruili Highway
19 Paid Canopy of Housing Building Project of Liupanshui-Liuzhi Highway of Guizhou Province
20 Mozambique Maputo Cross-sea Bridge
21 Tianjin Binhai Station
22 Danjiangkou Project Exhibition Hall
23 Public Service Center of East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone
24 Station Room Project of Guiyang North Station of Chengdu Railway Bureau
25 Guangdong Development Bank Building
26 The 10th China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo-Eastern Service Zone (Hankou Town)
27 Wuhan Overseas Chinese Town Eco-friendly Residential Area Phase I
28 Shennongjia Airport Terminal Project
29 5000 Tennis Court of Wuhan Optics Valley International Tennis Center Phase I
30 Wuhan Mall (Wuhan International Square Phase II)
31 Wuhan Greenland International Finance City A03 (B2, B3, B4)
32 Shiwu Railway Passenger Dedicated Line Xuchang East Station
33 The 10th China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo-Garden Material Exhibition Hall
34 Wanke Runyuan
35 Wuhan Central Cultural Zone Han Street (J3J4 Plot) + K-5 Plot
36 Newly Established Shitai Passenger Dedicated Line Taiyuan South Station
37 High-speed Rail Xi’an North Station
38 Yan’an Railway Station
39 Xiamen North Station
40 Wuguang Passenger Dedicated Line Changsha South Station Room
41 Chengdu Railway South Station Urban Complex
42 Central-south Architecture Design Institute Scientific Research & Design Center
43 Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Center Swimming and Diving Gym
44 Restoration Project of Former Site of Military Government for Wuchang Uprising of 1911 Revolution Museum
45 Science and Technology Service Center of Wuhan Economic Development Zone
46 Foundation Treatment and Mould Design of Wangjiadun Park, Wangjiadun Business District, Wuhan
47 Construction of Smart Park of Shandong Runxing Chemical
48 Main Information and Introduction of Newly Established Victoria Scientific Station in Antarctica
49 Unmanned Monitoring of Change in Snow Melting Area in Heiheyuan, Qilian Mountain
50 Stock Ground Project of Pelletizing Project of Zhanjiang Longteng Logistics Co., Ltd
51 Passenger Car Capacity (600,000) Expansion Project of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd Huadu Plant
52 Engine Plant Construction Project of BBA
53 Dongfeng Yueda Kia Motor Co., Ltd No.3 Plant
54 Dongfeng Passenger Car Co., Ltd New Energy Plant
55 Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Car China R&D Base
56 Geological Investigation and Design of Ningjiang Road, Wushan County, Chongqing City
57 Comprehensive Service Center of Jiujiang Economic Development Zone
58 New Campus of Laifeng No. 1 High School
59 Mafangshan Comprehensive Building of Wuhan University of Technology
60 Deep Foundation Pit Project of Gutian Project, CapitaLand Square
61 Foundation Pit Project of Expansion of Wuhan Luxiang Square Shopping Center
62 Deep Foundation Pit Project of Wanda Plaza, Jiyu Bridge, Wuhan
63 The 2nd Ring Line
64 Renovation Project of Wuxian Highway (Meijiashan-The 3rd Ring)
65 Greening and Underground Parking Lot Project of Youyi Road, Wuhan City
66 Renovation and Protection Project Planning Proposal of Lihuangpo Road Section of Hankou Historical and Cultural Block
67 Greenway Construction Planning of Qingling Lake, Hongshan District, Wuhan

68 Road Drainage Project of Yuping Avenue, China Science and Technology Park, Optics Valley, Wuhan
69 Coastal Landscape Project of Haitangwan B1 Zone, Sanya City-Haitangzhimen
70 The 10th China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo Chuzhou Park Landscape Design
71 East Lake-Sha Lake Greenway Demonstration Section Phase I Project
72 “One Belt” Hanjiang to Daishan Section of Zhanggongdi Urban Forest Park
73 The 10th China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo
74 Riverway Landscape Design of Enshi Longma Town
75 Design Proposal of Guangzhou Traffic and Transportation Vocational School
76 Hanjiang International Mansion
77 Special Community of Zijin (Fangshan) Scientific Entrepreneurship
78 Qingshan Vehicle Section and Comprehensive Base of Wuhan Rail Transit No.4 Line Phase I
79 Renovation Project of Gusaoshu Road, Wuhan City (The 3rd Ring-Fazhan Avenue) Cross-Railway Bridge
80 Decoration Design of Wuhan Rail Transit No.4 Line Stop (Phase I)
81 Interior Decoration Design of Wuhan New City International Expo Center
82 Interior Decoration Design of Wuhan Home of Citizens
83 Interior Decoration Design of Changtian Building, East Lake Scenic Spot
84 Interior Decoration Design of Nver Village, Enshi Grand Canyon
85 Comprehensive Treatment Project of Rainwater and Sewage and Surrounding Environment of Swan Lake
86 Qianchuan Belt Landscape Design of Sheshui River, Huangpo District, Wuhan City
87 Experimental School of Hua County, Henan Province
88 Mobile Formwork Design
89 Wuhan Greenland Center
90 Wuhan Center
91 Heavy Curtain Slip Casting Project of Dahong Mountain Copper and Iron Mine of Daye City
92 Geotechnical Engineering Investigation of Wuhan Henglong Square Project
93 Foundation Pit Supporting Project of Guangxi Jiuzhou International Mansion
94 Road Dredging Project between East Lake and Sha Lake of Wuhan City-Zhongbei Road Viaduct
95 Foundation Pit Supporting Project Design of Basements of Zhongcheng International Century Town Project
96 Foundation Pit Supporting Design of Tianxia Longling Square


CSCEC • the Star of Optics Valley
Distribution Plan of 2F Exhibition Hall

1. Leader • Future: Exhibition area of (Investigation and design, residence industrialization works, DADA digital future exhibition)
2. Remote • Symphony: Exhibition area of (Investigation and design works and foreign works)
3. Prosperity•New Prominent: Exhibition area of (Works of university students)
Stairs Elevator

CSCEC • the Star of Optics Valley 2F Leader • Future

No. Name
1 Wuhan Center
2 Comprehensive Pipe Ditch of Wuhan CBD
3 Application for Wuhan Sponge City
4 Comprehensive Treatment System Design of Water (Rainwater)Drainage, Flood Prevention and Water Environment
5 Lake Environment Comprehensive Treatment and Protection
6 Century-old Residence
7 Ideal•Home & Aili•Leju
8 CSCEC•Shengang New Town
9 CSCEC•Shengang New Town
10 CSCEC•Shengang New Town
11 Prefabricated External Walls
12 Prefabricated Stairs
13 Full Set of Bathroom Facilities
14 Shifting Building of 22#, 23#, 24# Production Base of Corrugated Web Steel Structure
15 Demonstration Project of Integrated Concrete Shear Wall Structure of Mingliushijia K2 Plot
16 Wang Zhenfei-Yuhao Mansion Sales Center
17 Zuo Songwen-Shenzhen University Working Camp-Parameter Pavilion
18 Yuan Feng-Topology Skin
19 Jing Minfei-DNA Bridge
20 Huang Weixin-Digital Vines
21 Zhong Huaying-Suspended Cafe
22 Wang Yixiu-Minimal Surface
23 Lin Qiuda-Xiamen Huandao Tourist Center
24 Xu Weiguo-Quasicrystal Structure
25 Zou Yiquan-Light Drawing
26 Meta-Wings Lamp
27 Meta-Ice-Ing Lamp
28 Hover Lamp
29 Blob Lampe
30 Flora Lamp
31 Beret Lamp
32 Phyllotaxis Lamp
33 3D Architectural Printing
34 Magnetic Field•Space
35 Ocean Recreation Center of Jiangxia District
36 Liuzhi Binhu New Central Village Phase I Project
37 Digital Architecture Design Association

CSCEC • the Star of Optics Valley 2F Remote • Symphony

No. Name
1 Qingcaosha Water Source Primary Water Project-Land Water Transport System
2 Newly Established Project of Huashan Avenue, Wuhan City
3 Shanghai Northern Horizontal Passageway Project
4 Shanghai Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant Project
5 Planning and Design of New Tramcar of Guangzhou City
6 Caiyuan Dam Yangtze River Bridge (Chongqing, China)
7 Dagu Bridge (Tianjin, China)
8 Dongshui Gate Yangtze River Bridge and Gansi Gate Jialing River Bridge (Chongqing, China)
9 Transport Hub Project of Nanping Center (Chongqing, China)
10 Sanhao Bridge (Shenyang, China)
11 Future Gate-Bridge Project of High-tech 2nd Road (Cross-outer-ring), East Lake New Technology Development Zone (Wuhan, China)
12 Underground Space Project of Huaqiang North Road
13 Transport Hub of Yujiapu Station, Tianjin
14 Construction Design Proposal of Hangzhou Southern Passenger Transport Station
15 Taicang Planning Exhibition Hall
16 Xiamen Shimao Haiwan Mansion
17 Italy Cement Group R&D Center
18 Germany Café Square
19 Wuhan Oceanwide City Square
20 Shenzhen Subway No.11 Line Station
21 Qingdao Subway No.2 Line Station
22 Dalian International Convention Center
23 Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
24 Singapore Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
25 Singapore New Lower Court Comprehensive Building
26 Singapore Solaris Comprehensive Office Building
27 Nanyang Technological University-Art, Design and Media College
28 Singapore GEMS World Academy
29 Expansion of Singapore Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

CSCEC • the Star of Optics Valley 2F Prosperity • New Prominent

No. Name
1 Changes of Bridge-Renovation of Waste Bridge Eco-Park
2 Mirage
3 One Plant and One Old City-Recycling of Relics of Industrial Building of Sugar Plant of the Old City
4 Pottery-Sustainable Renaissance of Folk Culture of Ancient City
5 Old Roads and Corridors-Update of Old City in Digital Era
6 Design of Old People Community Exchange Station
7 New Wishes for Old Courtyards-Diversified Update of Courtyards in Old Cities in Northeast China
8 Two Generations in One House
9 Face To Face House
10 Sustainable Design of Prefab Boundary